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Smile with Confidence with Advanced Laser Dentistry

Laser DentistryEase the Pain, Gain the Smile

We all know what a visit to the dentist can be like. They’re not the favourite medical practitioner to visit, due to discomfort caused by traditional techniques and technology.

But imagine receiving dental treatment that involves no pressure, vibration, blood, injections or heat, as well as a reduced need for the drill, repeated visits and extended time out due to recovery.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

At Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry in MaribyrnongDr Danny Ivkovic uses only the latest technology to perform minor and major procedures that drastically reduce pain for the patient during surgery, even when only treated with local anaesthetic.

Accuracy and Precision

The area of the mouth that is focused on during surgery is accurately-targeted via laser guidance, meaning less incidental disturbance around the affected area. Laser dentistry techniques also mean the easy removal of tooth enamel decay (the hardest substance in the body) and bone and gum tissue with precision accuracy, leaving the surrounding areas untouched.

Reduced Swelling and Bleeding

The gentle nature of laser dentistry means a higher capability of coagulation, meaning that any soft-tissue procedures will bleed less and heal faster, with a lot less swelling, so you can get back to your normal eating and speaking routines quicker.

Fewer Visits

Laser dentistry allows for multiple fillings around the mouth in one sitting. Rather than the patient having to endure healing times over and over again, as well as repeated needles for pain-numbing on separate return visits, everything can be done under one administration of anaesthetic and during the one booking.

The Versatile Dental Solution

Laser dentistry has a wide range of applications that benefit from reduced swelling, bleeding and healing times, as well as reduced pain experienced by the patient. Internationally-patented Biolase Water Laser technology means that treatments such as cavity preparation, decay removal, cosmetic procedures, mouth reconstructions, root canals, gum and bone surgery and soft tissue surgery is possible to carry out with a quick healing time.

Laser Cosmetics

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Laser Dentistry Treatment and Diagnosis

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Please note that this information is intended as a general guide. Every patient has a unique threshold for pain and may experience some discomfort depending on the treatment and procedure being undertaken.

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