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Professional Dentistry Melbourne with Finer Smiles

A Confident Smile

For your own and your family’s health, there are many aspects of your wellbeing that need looking after. A very important aspect is oral health and hygiene. Your mouth, gums and teeth are the gateway to your body, and you need to look after them. Any irregularities, infections or disease can affect other parts of the body. For a comprehensive offering of services that will keep you healthy, see Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry, your friendly dentist in Maribyrnong.

Services that Benefit Your Health

All aspects of oral health are addressed at Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Experience the difference in healing time and procedure comfort with laser dentistry, carried-out by professionals, in a caring environment in Maribyrnong.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile with confidence, with a range of services that help improve the appearance of your teeth. For whitening and more, we can help.

General Dentistry

In a convenient location, and for all ages, Finer Smiles offers the full range of dental services, aided by professional techniques. Discover more.

Laser Surgery for your Comfort

At Finer Smiles, there is a belief that dental surgery need not be as painful as what has been traditionally experienced. That’s why laser surgery techniques are employed, providing a potentially great reduction in discomfort or pain felt during a procedure. Whilst needles are still needed in some cases, there are fewer needed than with traditional dentistry, as the laser can replace a drill or scalpel wherever applicable.

The Full Range of Professional Dentistry

Whether you are looking to book a regular check-up or to have a one-off procedure carried out, you need to know that you are putting your trust in a dentist that is professional, empathetic and takes pride in getting to know the history of your oral health in order to provide the best service.

As a reputable dentist for Maribyrnong, Finer Smiles offers you the complete repertoire of dentistry skills from their convenient Highpoint Shopping Centre location

It is essential to maintain your oral and dental health, as it can affect your overall health. Whether you need health-critical or cosmetic dental procedures done, you need a dentist you can trust. As a professional dentist in Maribyrnong, you can trust Finer Smiles to get you smiling with confidence. If you have any enquires about Dr Danny Ivkovic’s practice, please contact Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry in Highpoint Shopping Centre today.

Our Safety Standards
Our Safety Standards

Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry adhere to or exceed all Australian standards for clinic and patient safety. Find out more about our certifications and qualifications.

Our Technology
Our Technology

Cutting-edge BIOLASE laser technology can help make your visit to the dentist a more comfortable one. Explore the benefits of this technique and technology today.

Your First Visit
Your First Visit

We have you covered, for all records and monitoring of your health, for a valuable relationship with your practitioner. We’ll help you through the process from the beginning.

Payment Options
Payment Options

Discover Finer Smiles’ range of convenient and flexible payment solutions that will help you maintain your oral health sooner. We accommodate all major payment options.


Read about developments in dentistry and how they can benefit your oral health. Dr Ivkovic keeps you up to date, with insights through his professional engagement.

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