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Pain Reductive Wisdom Teeth Removal with Finer Smiles

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Wisdom teeth are four molars located at the back of your mouth, which are commonly the last of your teeth to grow above the gum line, usually in people aged around their late teens/early twenties. But not everybody’s jaw structure has room for them. So when wisdom teeth do start to appear where there is no room for them, it can cause pain, especially when they start to push up against neighbouring teeth.

This is called an impacted wisdom tooth. The symptoms that occur can be anything from rear mouth or jaw line pain, to a pressure or pain in the ears, as well as swelling or fever.

An accurate diagnosis is essential. If you think you are experiencing symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth, you should first consult with a qualified practitioner to make sure that the procedure is necessary. At Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry, state of the art laser technology allows the dentist to properly and accurately assess the movement of your wisdom teeth. Laser technology also allows for a far less painful experience and a dramatically shorter recovery time, through quick healing, so there is no need to fear the dentist!

What We Do

After an assessment is complete, you are booked in for the extraction procedure, which is carried-out onsite at the clinic’s Maribyrnong location – an oral surgeon is very rarely needed, and in a lot of cases, no stitches are required, due to the accuracy of laser technology. This way, hospitalisation and general anaesthetic is not required, and whole thing is over in less than a day.

To plan for a healthy future, it can be a good idea to get younger family members’ wisdom teeth checked for any potential impaction. Quite often, a practitioner can identify potential issues and advise removal of wisdom teeth well in advance, so the disruption to everyday life is minimised even further. Ask for an accurate laser-aided assessment at your next scheduled check-up.


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