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Paediatric Dentist Services in Melbourne


Paediatric Dentist Melbourne

Come and See Dr Danny for Paediatric Dentist Services in Melbourne

Parents know that trying to get kids to see a paediatric dentist in Melbourne can be a trying experience. And for good reason, too. Traditional treatment methods can sound scary (the buzz of drills, the hiss of water sprays). At Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry at Highpoint Shopping Centrein Maribyrnong, Dr Danny Ivkovic provides a more comfortable and friendlier solution in the form of pain-reductive laser technology.

As a well-known children’s dentist in the north-west of Melbourne, Dr Danny is a hit with the kids. With a quick sense of humour and a gentle approach to all procedures, he ensures that your child is comfortable along the way. With kids of his own, Dr Danny knows what makes them happy and relaxed, with a warm welcoming smile and a funny anecdote to help kids know that he knows what they’re going through.

Amazement with Lasers

As we know via popular culture, kids love the idea of a laser. It fascinates them. In fact, in addition to pain-reducing benefits, most kids who visit Finer Smiles end up asking a lot of questions about the laser and almost forgetting about the procedure at hand! And knowing that the laser doesn’t technically ‘touch’ their teeth or gums like traditional dentists’ equipment does, puts their minds at ease.

In the end, almost all patients experience a drastic reduction in pain, bleeding, swelling, as well as a much more rapid recovery time, so the child can get back to enjoying just being a kid in no time.

And most importantly, the experience will instill a confidence in going to the dentist as a good habit for the future of their health.

A Full Offering of Children’s Dentistry

From early infants to teenagers, Dr Danny Ivkovic has an empathy and the good nature to address dental issues that may arise. From check-ups to fillings, braces to wisdom teeth assessment, Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry, the popular children’s dentist located at Highpoint Melbourne, know how to set your child up with the most effective foundations in oral care for a happy life of bright and shining smiles.

Ask About our Paediatric Dentist Services in Melbourne

If you have any questions about laser dentistry for children, contact Finer Smiles today.


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If you have any questions about laser dentistry for children, contact Finer Smiles today.