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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Holistic Dentist in Melbourne for Full Mouth Rehabilitation and More

Holistic Dentist in MelbournePersonalised Treatment for You

Do you have damaged or unsightly teeth? Do they affect your self-esteem, and the problems seem too numerous to fix?

Having visible dental issues can be a big deterrent for people to engage in social activities. And it can make their professional lives difficult, too. First impressions are important, so if you want to make a positive impact with a great smile, consider a full mouth rehabilitation from Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry in Maribyrnong and call our holistic dentist in Melbourne to learn more.

Under the guidance of clinic principal Dr Danny Ivkovic, Finer Smiles has an array of skills and oral health solutions on offer under the one roof. For a full mouth rehabilitation, our holistic dentist in Melbourne will assess each patient’s needs and create an effective strategy for reconstructing the mouth. Most commonly, patients who qualify for this combination of procedures have multiple missing teeth, which can be attributed to a genetic disorder, a destructive habit, a long duration of poor oral hygiene or accident trauma. The highly-qualified staff at Finer Smiles will advise you on the best combination of the following procedures to fully rehabilitate your mouth:

A Holistic Criteria

A full mouth rehabilitation isn’t just about practicalities. It is a partially cosmetically-motivated procedure as much as anything else. But it is not just about ‘filling in the gaps’. For a completely natural look, full consideration is given to:

  • Size and proportion of remaining/adjacent teeth
  • Natural colour of existing teeth
  • How your new crowns or implants will appear within the context of your face, to make sure that they complement gums, facial complexion, lips, mouth shape and profile

Thorough and Comfortable

Thanks to cutting-edge laser technology, most of the procedures that our holistic dentists in Melbourne perform can be completed in a single appointment rather than having to endure multiple sessions to allow for healing in-between.

Laser dentistry generally allows for a faster recovery, minimal bleeding and drastically-reduced swelling. For more information, consult with our holistic dentist in Melbourne.

Enquire about a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

If you have any questions about a full mouth rehabilitation, please contact Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry in Maribyrnong today.

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Enquire about a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

If you have any questions about a full mouth rehabilitation, please contact Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry in Maribyrnong today.