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Safety Procedures and Standards

Finer Smiles Upholding High Safety and Procedure Standards

Feel Safe, Enjoy Your Smile When visiting a dentist, especially for the first time, you need to know that there are guidelines adhered to that are put in place by peak bodies which protect you as a patient. Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry our proud to uphold a stellar track record for patient and visitor safety. At Finer Smiles, your safety is paramount. After all, the clinic exists solely for the improvement and maintenance of patient health. Led by clinic principle Dr Danny Ivkovic, Finer Smiles upholds standards set by the Australian Dental Board (ADB). These standards include:
  • Code of conduct
  • Guidelines for mandatory notifications
  • Guidelines for advertising regulated health services
  • Dental guidelines – scope of practice registration standard
  • Dental guidelines on continuing professional development
  • Dental guidelines on dental records
  • Dental guidelines on infection control
  • Dental guidelines on limited registration of dental practitioners for postgraduate training or supervised practice
  • Dental guidelines on supervision for dental practitioners
  • Supervision practice plan
  • Supervision report
Details on these standards can be viewed at www.dentalboard.gov.au Finer Smiles also strictly adheres to all guidelines set by the Australian Dental Association for infection control, such as:
  • Duty of care with –
    • – Hand hygiene
    • – Personal protective equipment
    • – Surgical procedures and aseptic technique
    • – Sharps management
    • – Water quality
    • – Clinic design
This is just a handful of regulations that Finer Smiles adheres to. For a full and up to date list of rules and guidelines that Finer Smiles meet, refer to www.ada.org.au and navigate to ‘ADA Guidelines for Infection Control’. Finer Smiles Laser Dentistry at Highpoint Maribyrnong is also an Australian Dental Association member.


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